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Do you require information accessed by multiple independent wired and wireless devices, locally and remotely? Do you want to avoid unnecessary duplication or loss of information? Do you need to restrict access to information based on user authority?

Information is power and as such, the database is an important building block for any enterprise. Designing and developing a database takes careful thought and requires a good knowledge of how a business operates.

A database is purely information, stored in tables, located on a server, accessed by programs. This may include an accounting program, a webpage or a custom built software package. For example, a database of patient records may be accessed by a hospital webpage, an app and a computer in the doctor’s office simultaneously throughout the day.

If the amount of information used day to day in your business is expanding to beyond the point of managability, a database can provide a central and secure repository of information that can be accessed securely from anywhere.

If you feel a database is the best way for your business to grow, we can design and develop one to meet your objectives.

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