we’ll help you avoid and

recover from disaster.


Do you have a backup plan if you lose your data? Have you experienced an IT disaster before and wish to avoid it again? Have you experienced a disaster and need help to get back afloat?

The resulting costs of an IT disaster can be avoided where possible and mitigated when not possible with a disaster recovery plan. An IT disaster is any event that cripples the IT system in use by a business and is often a true measurement of how dependent an organisation is on its IT infrastructure. Commonly overlooked, disaster recovery can be the make or break for business continuity. If your business depends on its IT infrastructure to work effectively, having a detailed plan of action for disaster recovery saves time, money and stress.

AMS will outline the best strategy and business policy to minimise the impact of disruptions due to down time or system failure and set in place preventative measures to reduce the chances of a disaster incident occurring.

The Benefits
Peace of mind
Avoid expensive down time
Reduced stress during incidents
Fast recovery

How It Works
In terms of hardware, AMS is able to provide replacement parts or products for damaged hardware. Software and data can be reinstated from off site backups onto the new hardware from the last available backups. We can help to demonstrate a simulated disaster incident in order to test the business procedures involved in recovery.

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