customised network designs

to meet your objectives.


Do you want to share office resources such as printers, internet connection or data? Do you need to restrict access to information based on user authority?

With the introduction of a variety of wired and wireless devices using different protocols, it is a challenge to get all devices talking the same language while balancing security and access control. Whether your office has a server system or is operating a network of independent computers, AMS has years of experience helping relieve the frustration of connectivity failures allowing your staff to get on with the job, collaboratively.

If you are ready to get connected, we will create a customised network design and supply all the required hardware and software to meet your objectives.

The Benefits
Remote Access

How It Works
After taking into consideration your business nature and objectives after our initial consultation, AMS will create a network topology that lays out the location of network components such as servers, clients, routers and cabling. Software requirements such as functionality, data access and security are considered and a server/client scenario is planned for if required. All hardware, software and installation labour is costed in a fixed quote.

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