by helping you make the right software choices,

we solve workflow inefficiencies.


Is your business suffering from information overload? Could things be done more efficiently? Can certain work tasks be automated?

We offer:

Off The Shelf Software
Operating Systems (Windows, iOS, Mac OS X, Linux)
Antivirus, Anti-malware & Firewall
Settings Configuration

Software Development
We can work with your company through each stage of the software development process including planning and analysis, coding, testing, debugging and installation. The core idea behind information systems is a central repository of information, or a database. Knowledge is power, when organized effectively. Records may be kept in word documents, accounting software and/or external drives spread among several workstations. This results in data being duplicated, overwritten or lost. A database is an invaluable asset that adds considerable resale value to any business.

Website Development
Once your internal processes are streamlined with a software solution, website development can allow you to interface others, independent of location. This may be your customers, staff, businesses or government departments. If some of your workflow can be ‘outsourced’ to the customer, a website is often the ideal place to start this kind of automation. We have an experienced team of web designers and developers at your disposal.

ICT Service


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