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that scale to your IT needs and budget.


Do your staff know how to best utilise the technology you have provided for them? Does business productivity suffer from constant faults, errors and interruptions? Is your IT infrastructure meeting your business needs?

We offer:

Casual Support
When the scope of your company’s IT requirements expands beyond current expertise, we can help keep projects running smoothly and keep deliverables to deadlines. Alternatively, if you are experiencing some temporary problems such as a system crash or virus infection, our casual IT support team can assist you in a one off scenario, as required.

Prepaid Support
Equivalent to buying credit for a mobile phone, AMS offers several prepaid support options where you can purchase support in blocks of time. This method is ideal for managing fluctuating or seasonal IT support needs. It allows us to pass on cost savings to you by planning and performing services in bulk.

Planned Support
The best IT system is a well maintained one, with regular checks and balances, your IT infrastructure can be relied upon. If you are considering outsourcing IT support to us to save internal costs, we can arrange scheduled visits to your site and perform tasks required by you alongside regular updates, security checks, backups and system health checks. AMS offers a range of planned support options for you to choose from. To learn more about our support services or to discuss a tailor made support package, we encourage you to contact us directly

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