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Our solutions are modular and holistic in nature encompassing the design, development, application, implementation, support and or management of the computer-based information systems in your enterprise. Each of our services are carefully planned out to be scalable to align with future growth goals.

All AMS solutions take into consideration the ever changing IT landscape, including the need for information security and different levels of access control.

At AMS, we believe that technology is an enabler for businesses productivity and as such have been working with clients to help them automate business processes, organise information for decision making and connect to customers. We aim to integrate the complexities of technology with realistic simplicity for the end user.

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In the short space of 15 years, the modern workplace has witnessed the integration of new information and communiation technologies at an accelerating rate. The technology revolution is upon us, yet so many businesses are struggling to utilise these technologies to improve productivity, being subject to a lack of training, constant fault and errors or poor implementation. AMS understands this and draws on a massive customer base of experiences to provide solutions that work, solutions that last.

We can be sure that information and communications technology will continue to evolve in the future. One thing that won’t change is our commitment to providing the latest hardware solutions, the most efficient software systems and the most down to earth, uncomplicated end user support that enable businesses to adapt to change and prosper.



Is your business suffering from information overload?


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Is your IT infrastructure meeting your business needs?

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