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Is information access required by multiple independent wired and wireless devices, locally and remotely? Do you want to avoid unnecessary duplication or loss of information? Do you need to restrict access to information based on user authority?

Servers are the cornerstone of computer networks. A server is a computer that has been assigned the role of controlling information in a computer network. This may include hosting documents, providing emails, launching applications or providing access to a database for client computers that are connected to the network. A server can also provide access to output devices such as printers or input devices such as scanners allowing all users to benefit from these devices.

Buying a server is an important business decision and when done right can be an invaluable asset to any company. If the IT needs of your business are growing, a server can provide the kind of scalable, centralised and secure solution that independent computers and devices cannot.

If you feel a server is the way forward for your enterprise, we can supply one new or assist in transforming your current infrastructure to meet your objectives.

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